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Chicago native, Pastor Vivian M. Jacobs, is the definition of unstoppable in both ministry and marketplace. As the wife of Bishop Brandon A. Jacobs Sr., mother of five, and Executive Pastor of New Zion Temple; Pastor Jacobs has mastered the art of balance and strategy. She proudly serves as the First Lady of New Zion Temple Church located in Hammond and Indianapolis, IN where her objective in ministry is to execute the vision of the church with excellence while empowering, encouraging, and strengthening each member as she serves the Lord God and His people wholeheartedly, unselfishly, and with humility. Pastor Jacobs fulfills this objective as the leader of New Zion Temple Church's S.ET. A.P.A.R.T. Women's Ministry. Under her leadership, S.E.T. A.P.A.R.T. hosts spiritual retreats, social gatherings, and community events dedicated to pouring into the women throughout the body of Christ.  
Pastor Vivian Jacobs is a full-time registered nurse leader, mentor, host of the All That I Am podcast, and author of interactive workbook entitled And Just Like That She Became. Pastor Jacob's life mission is to remind women that they are unstoppable by empowering women to birth their purpose while embracing their God given grace to balance everything placed in their path. She continues to fulfill this mission by challenging women to become and maximize in their God given purpose. She is also the leader of the Facebook Community “All that I Am” and the chancellor of the All That I Am Academy.

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