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A 4-week accelerator course designed to assist women of faith gracefully flow in in multiple leadership roles and thrive as the Power Trifecta (marriage, ministry, and marketplace) God has called them to be.

Lesson 1: When 2 Become 1: An examination of marriage and living life after saying "I do"

Lesson 2: Talk Nice to Me: Mastering effective communication

Lesson 3: Graced to Carry: Living a productive life of balance and strategy

Lesson 4: Leather and Lace: The ministry of sex and keeping your marriage spicy

Is Positioned with Poise the course for you?  This course is for you if one or more of the following apply: 

  • You are a woman of faith that operates in marriage, ministry, and marketplace

  • You feel like you are overwhelmed and that your schedule is running you

  • You are in response mode as opposed to being proactive toward the life that you desire

  • You thought the roles were the goal, but realized that “this can’t be all there is to it”

  •  You are thriving in one area and sinking in others

  • You have lost sight of the vision of your best life as you sacrifice so much of yourself in daily service

  • You experience challenges when communicating with your husband

  • You desire to enhance your intimate relationship with your husband


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